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In accordance with Article 25 of Decree 13/2020, dated May 18, this establishment has the following Internal Regulations that are mandatory for staying guests.


Guests are required to present identification documents upon admission to the establishment.


Before admitting any guest to the establishment, an admission document shall be drafted and signed by each guest. This document includes the name, category, and registration number of the establishment, as well as the identification number of the accommodation unit, the number of people occupying it, and the check-in and check-out dates. If the guest has made a direct reservation with the establishment, the accommodation price is also specified. Once signed, the admission document will be retained by the establishment.

Filing a complaint does not exempt the guest from the obligation to pay for any contracted services.

This establishment may seek assistance from law enforcement agents to remove guests who violate these regulations, attempt to access or remain on the premises for purposes other than normal use of the same, or, if applicable, individuals not registered as guests or who fall under the circumstances outlined in the previous section. The establishment may also request payment guarantees for contracted services in accordance with applicable regulations and charge guests for damages or defects caused to the facilities, furniture, and elements of the establishment.”




  1. The establishment reserves the right of admission. Admission and the presence of individuals in this establishment will only be denied for the following reasons:
  2. a) Lack of accommodation capacity or facilities. b) Failure to meet the admission requirements established in these regulations. c) Behaviour that may endanger or inconvenience other people or guests, or disrupt the normal course of activities. d) Failure to meet minimum hygiene standards. e) Displaying clear signs or behaviours of being intoxicated or having consumed drugs. Similarly, expulsion will occur if intentional damage is caused to the facilities, disturbances, noise, especially in response to complaints from other guests whose peace and privacy are disrupted. d) Lack of payment of the total reservation amount when requested by establishment staff.

When the circumstances mentioned above occur or when individuals violate one or more of the aforementioned restrictions, the responsible establishment personnel may request that guests leave, subject to payment of any outstanding bills for services and consumption.

It is expressly stated that access to the facilities, services, and accommodations of this establishment will not be denied or restricted to individuals based on sex, disability, with or without guide dogs, religion, opinion, or any other personal or social circumstance.

  1. For the comfort of all our guests, pets are not allowed.
  2. Firearms, explosive materials, inflammables, narcotics, or similar substances are not permitted within the establishment.
  3. Any damage or loss caused by guests to the property, buildings, and furnishings owned by the establishment must be paid for according to the value established by the company.
  4. Check-in time is at 2:00 PM, while check-out is no later than 12:00 PM. The management is authorized to request that guests vacate their rooms once past the check-out limit.
  5. The establishment disclaims all responsibility for the loss of jewellery, money, documents, or other valuables kept in the rooms. A safe deposit box is available at the reception where any valuable items or cash can be deposited.
  6. In order to have a room cleaned, guests must vacate the room before 1:00 PM. The housekeeping staff will not clean the room with any guest inside.
  7. Visits to rooms occupied by guests are strictly prohibited, except those authorized by the management. The establishment reserves the right to request identification from any unauthorized person on the premises.
  8. Under no circumstances may the number of people accommodated in each room exceed the capacity assigned by the establishment to each room.
  9. It is the obligation of guests to inform the establishment of contagious diseases, deaths, infractions, or crimes occurring on the premises and within their knowledge, so that the company can take appropriate measures and promptly report to the authorities when necessary.
  10. Reservations will be guaranteed by credit card.
  11. The reservation conditions are specified in the booking confirmation and are accepted by the guest during the reservation process according to the rate type.
  12. The lodging contract may be terminated for the following reasons:
    • Expiration of the agreed term.
    • Violation of the covenants and regulations governing it.
    • Guest misconduct or disturbances that disturb other guests.
    • Guest absence for more than forty-eight (48) hours without notice or warning.
  13. Termination of Lodging Contract: If the lodging contract is terminated for any of the listed reasons and the guest refuses to vacate the room or leave the establishment, the establishment may seek the assistance of the relevant authorities to execute eviction without any additional procedures.
  14. Guest Payments: Guests may make payments in cash, credit card, or debit card.
  15. The establishment reserves the right, in the event of any damage, deterioration, or theft caused by the guest in the room or any other establishment facility, to claim appropriate compensation from the guest. The establishment may invoice the cost of towels (€10) or any other missing room equipment after the guest’s departure. For this purpose, the cleaning staff conduct a thorough daily inventory check of each room.
  16. Prohibited Items: The use of candles and/or incense is not allowed inside the rooms or common areas of the establishment.
  17. Lost and Found: Any forgotten item left in the room upon departure may be claimed from the establishment within a period of two months. The guest must arrange for its collection through a courier service. After this period, the establishment will determine the fate of the forgotten object. The establishment does not store leftover food or hygiene products for sanitary and health reasons.
  18. Noise Restrictions: Loud or high-volume music is strictly prohibited in common areas and rooms, as is any other disturbance.
  19. Smoking Policy: Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the establishment, except for the garden and private terraces.
  20. Electrical Usage: The use of electrical current and mechanical equipment installed in the room is restricted to their intended purposes.
  21. The establishment is not responsible for damages caused by third parties to vehicles parked in the vicinity of the establishment.

Individuals accessing this establishment will be obliged to comply with the above regulations.

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